Fire Register

Fire resistance testing is often confused with flame spread and fire-retardant abilities. Thermal Insulation is not intended as fire barriers, unless designed and tested in accordance with
SANS 10177-2 Fire Resistance test for building elements – The shortest period for which a building insulation element or component will comply with the requirements for stability, and integrity. Performance is measured for 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes.

Reaction to fire testing is used to evaluate the contribution of a material and building elements to fire growth. It looks at the combustibility and ignitability of a material. The test is used to define reaction to fire performance of products. The aim of reaction to fire testing is to limit the combustion potential of a material to enhance public safety, aid in firefighting, and protect property.

South Africa has adopted EN 13501-1 Fire classification of construction products and building elements – Part 1: Classification using data from reaction to fire tests to measure the fire performance of thermal insulation products (SANS 53501-1).

TIPSASA Fire register dated September 2023 to be available for download.