Ensure that the material:

  • Is in compliance with the application of the South African National Building Regulations SANS 10400
  • Is in compliance with relevant South African National Standard (SANS) i.e. Product standard at SABS
  • Is appropriate for the intended occupancy class in accordance with SANS 10400 part A
  • Complies with the fire safety requirements given in SANS 10400 Part T
  • Complies with the recommended R-value for the relevant energy zones in accordance with SANS 10400 part XA: 2021 Edition 2

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: In accordance with the National Building Regulations, to be specific Regulation A25 (5) and we quote “Any person who, having obtained approval in terms of the Act for the erection of any building, deviates to any material degree from any plan, drawing or particulars approved by the local authority shall, except where such deviation has been approved, be guilty of an offence” unquote.
Contractors are not allowed to change specifications for something similar or cheaper.